Oxford Community Action

Over the years, when organising our holiday activities we’ve noticed that some families in our community struggle to participate because they don’t have any way to organise transport. Perhaps they don’t own a car, or the family car is needed to get to work, and bus fares are too expensive. We decided we had to do something about this.
Last summer, we handed on over a dozen bicycles to children in our community through the OCA Bicycle Scheme. This year, we’ve partnered with Avanti Cycling AvantiCycling to offer free cycling lessons to mothers and kids so they are able to join all of our future activities!
We are also able to offer free bikes to all participants, thanks to the generous donations from our partners at Active Oxfordshire and 4 amazing county councillors: cllrs Imade Edosomwan, Mohamed Fadlalla, Damian Haywood, and Charlie Hicks.
WHEN: beginners sessions Thursday at 10.30am *term time only*
50 sessions – the first took place last Thursday
WHERE: Blackbird Leys
HOW TO JOIN: get in touch with us via email [email protected] or via WhatsApp 07412537961.