Oxford Community Action

We are so proud of our volunteers Mujahid Hamidi, Ahmed Hassan, Motaz Ezaldin and Muhammad Ali for passing their driving assessments with Oxford City Council – you are heroes! đŸ„łđŸ€©đŸ™đŸż Cherylene Gabbiddon and Luke Ejodamen – you’re up next đŸ€žđŸż A massive thank you to all of you ❀
This week was the first week some of our magic six were able to use the Oxford City Council minivan to pick up our food items and bring them to our homebase at Ark-T. 🚛 đŸ„ŠđŸŠđŸ„•
Many thanks also to Oxford City Council, and especially officers Leonard Sackey and Carly Roalf for making this possible. đŸ™đŸŸđŸ‘đŸœđŸŠč