Oxford Community Action

When donating to a plethora of culturally diverse communities, one must take into account the differing dietary needs, otherwise, we risk rejection and alienation of certain community members if they are met with food that they cannot consume or even accept.

With the previous food deliveries supported and organised by various groups within Oxford, our community members have noted that there have been some misplaced foods which are deemed culturally inappropriate.

Oxford Community Action was established to help and support the communities by understanding the specific needs and ensuring those needs are met. This is why we have brought together the community leaders who work at a grassroots level and are sensitive to all the nuances of their respective community.

This recent feedback of food being incorrectly distributed has encouraged us to implement firm measures over the supply chain by delivering checks at the stage of packaging to limit the amount of food that is returned.

And after discussion with some key people in the supply chain, improvements have been implemented to reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the risk of this happening again.

Mistakes may still occur due to human error, so to prevent our members from accepting culturally (or otherwise) inapproriate food, we have taken on the feedback from our community leaders and champions and produced, translated and distributed a document detailing which ingredients to be aware of when accepting foods and the process of returning foods that they cannot consume due to dietary restrictions.