Oxford Community Action

Last Friday, all of us at OX4 Food Crew came together for a team development day. It was so lovely seeing our wonderful partners and planning our next few events. ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏽
One of the highlights was the food! OCA Kitchen chefs Fatma and Sarah wowed everyone with their delicious meals. Thank you both 🙏🏽💚
OCA Kitchen is Oxford’s most diverse and wide-ranging catering service. Whether you’d like to enjoy food from Malaysia, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Palestine, Pakistan, Algeria, Nigeria, Somalia, the Caribbean or Iraq – we’ve got it! Our chefs have been cooking up storms in their kitchens for decades. Now, they are thrilled to share their most special dishes with you. All profits generated by OCA Kitchen go back into OCA and the community. Interested? Get in touch – we’d love to cook for you.
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