Oxford Community Action

Last Saturday, we hosted a film screening on Black Maternity Experiences in Oxford together with Healthwatch Oxfordshire. It was one of the most powerful events we have run. ✊🏾💙
The short film shows different Black and other minority ethnic women in our communities boldly recounting their experiences with the Maternity services – the good, the bad, and what they hope to see change. It is based on the work of Community Researcher Omotunde Coker and made by local filmmaker Nicola Josse.
You can watch the film here:
The event itself was a huge success. It brought together the women who shared their views in the film, representatives from Oxford’s maternity services, and different community organisations for an honest and delicate conversation on Black experiences with the services in Oxford. It is at moments like these that change can begin to happen in our communities – the change we urgently need.
Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this event such a success, to Omotunde Coker for your irrepressible enthusiasm and hard work, to Nicola Josse and her team for this sensitive film, to our partners at Health Education England NHS, who provided generous financial support, and Healthwatch Oxfordshire, and our amazing chefs at OCA Kitchen, Sara, Mujahid, Imade, and Fatima. You rock.
Our biggest, most special thanks goes out to all the mothers in our communities who give their love, sweat and tears to our communities every day & particularly to those who bravely agreed to share their experiences with us. Words cannot describe our gratitude and respect. 🙏🏽 ❤
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