Oxford Community Action

✨🎄 OCA Big Community Holiday Lunch 🎄✨
We have only one wish this Christmas – to host a big celebration for all our community members on Christmas day. We can already see the smiles on people’s faces as they are welcomed into the space, receive a warm meal, and perhaps even a small gift. Can you help us make this happen? ❤ 🍲 🎁
We have started a fundraiser to raise the £3,500 needed. Thanks to our amazing partners and supporters, we have already raised more than £700 – and we haven’t even promoted it yet – you are the best! 🙏🏿🥰 💜
That also means we still need to raise £2800 to make it the amazing celebration we have in mind. We believe that this is possible. All we need is a little help from you. Whether it is sharing this status, making a little personal donation yourself, or collecting money at the office, starting a Christmas donation at church, in your neighbourhood network — there are so many ways you can contribute! Any help is greatly appreciated. 👏🏾💚✊🏼
This meal forms part of a series of community meals offered by the OX4 Food Crew Partnership over the Winter Break this year. Many thanks to our fantastic partners at Ark-T @Donnington Doorstep, @Waste2Taste CIC, and @Flo’s – The Place in the Park.
The dates and times for these are:
Thursday 16th December 12.30 – 3pm (Waste2Taste / Ark-T)
Monday 3rd January 1-3pm (Flo’s the Place in the Park)
For more details on these meals visit ox4foodcrew.co.uk
A very special thanks to Ella from No Vice Ice CIC for writing our fundraising page 🙏🏾 💜