Oxford Community Action

Come by our cafe every Monday to Thursday, 9-3 pm, Crowell Road, OX4 3LN, for delicious Routes Coffee. Curious how we learned to make americanos, cafe lattes, and flat whites? That is a very special story, the story of Dani.

Dani is an incredibly talented and giving young man from our communities. He is also extremely passionate about everything coffee-related: from growing to brewing to serving coffee. In between working two (!) jobs, Dani made time to repeatedly visit us early in the morning when we were starting out (coming by public transport from Whitney!), pass on what he has learned, and induct us in the art of coffee-making. There could not have been a more patient, and knowledgeable teacher. We are still stunned by Dani’s ability to create the most beautiful, delightful coffees. And we are so, so thankful to him for training us.

So, however you like your coffees – whether you prefer cow, soy, oat, or no milk – we’re ready to serve you. And each sip is inspired by some Dani magic.