Oxford Community Action

We are so, so excited to announce the opening of OCA Kitchen Community Cafe.
We are taking over the former premises of our friends Waste2Taste in Ark-T at Crowell Road, OX4 3LN. From next Wednesday, June 21, we’re open to the public. We’ll then be open every Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm.
Everyone is welcome. We mean it. Every Tuesday, we’re serving our food for free. We want everyone to be able to call our cafe their second home.
We will be offering breakfast and lunch at affordable rates and made from locally sourced ingredients, as well as cold and hot drinks. Each week you’ll find a different national cuisine taking you on a journey around the world. Our chefs are deeply embedded within our local communities, and will serve you the dishes they and their families having been mastering over generations. Every pound spent at our cafe goes back into the communities and supports our programs.
We have so many plans for the cafe. We want it to be the base for our holiday activities, a hub for local arts, organising, and community groups, the center of our OCA Kitchen catering business, an open door that everyone feels free to enter. We hope that the cafe becomes a place where local community members meet and where we meet our communities and learn more about our local needs.
Can you help us spread the word about our cafe? You could share this status, tag the friends you’d like to take to our cafe, or post about it in your WhatsApp chats. You can also support us by booking OCA Kitchen and/or our space for your next event – you can come to our cafe or we can come to you. Simply get in touch by email [email protected] or on instagram: oca_kitchen_oxford. Finally, we are looking for some final volunteers to join us at this exciting stage. Training will be provided, no experience necessary.
The last few years have been full of activity and growth for us. We couldn’t be prouder for how far we’ve come. We are now ready to take the next big step. That step is opening our own cafe.
We hope we’ll see you there.