Oxford Community Action

Reposted from @ox4foodcrew, a partnership of 9 grassroots organisations we are a proud part of

Put on your dancing shoes, we’re hosting a party! 🕺🎶🎉

In support of our Winter Appeal, fundraising to ensure our 9 member organisations have enough resources to continue their critical work of facilitating healthy food access for all, we’re gathering the community for a fun evening together at our very first OX4 Food Crew Ceilidh!

A Ceilidh, deeply rooted in Scottish and Irish tradition, is a lively and communal celebration that revolves around music, dance, and joyous interaction. 

At its heart, it features a live band playing traditional folk tunes while the dancers, whether seasoned or newcomers, join in synchronized steps and formations that are very easy to learn, even on the spot!

Think your favourite fantasy TV series’ court ball scene – lively, cheerful and so much fun

Modern-day Ceilidhs blend the rich history of folk dances with a contemporary twist, creating a dynamic and inclusive social experience.

We want our Ceilidh to be a celebration that bridges the past and present, bringing people together through music, dance, and a shared appreciation for cultural diversity – an example of the power of community and the universal joy found in movement and music.

Come join us on Sunday 14th January at the St Clement’s Community Centre, 7.30-10pm

Tickets are available for purchase via Eventbrite and all profits will go to the OX4 Food Crew Winter Appeal, supporting the work of 9 incredible organisations in East Oxford 


Many thanks to @oxfolkceilidhs for helping us organise and Oxford University’s Ceilidh Band for agreeing to play live for us 🙏