Oxford Community Action

Research has often been done ON communities rather than WITH communities. OCA takes a different approach.

OCA Research aims to foster numerous benefits that traditional research approaches often overlook. We do this via a process we call Community Participatory Action Research (CPAR). This strategy involves the community directly in the research process, from identifying research questions to implementing solutions based on findings. This approach nurtures a sense of ownership and agency, leading to more sustainable and impactful outcomes.

Additionally, we promote collaboration and co-learning between researchers and community members, bridging the gap between academic knowledge and local expertise. Centering the voices and experiences of those directly affected by the research topic generates more nuances and contextually relevant insights. Moreover, CPAR facilitates the development of trust and mutual respect between researchers and communities, laying the foundation for future partnerships and initiatives. Overall, OCA Research not only produces valuable research outcomes but also contributes to social justice, capacity building and community resilience.

Our Research Work

Community Wellbeing (2021)

Film: ‘A Problem Shared’ views on community wellbeing

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Men’s Health (2018)

Diabetes UK Webinar

Skip to approx 30 mins, where case study 3 starts and our OCA Director Nigel Carter is introduced.

Maternity Voices Omotunde Coker Researcher

Community research with Nagla Ahmed

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