Oxford Community Action

To register for the upcoming camping trip, please fill in the form below.

Please don’t forget to bring the following to make yourselves comfortable:

  1. sleeping bag/blanket
  2. pillow
  3. camping bed/inflatable mattress
  4. fan (electricity cannot be guaranteed)
  5. enough suitable clothes for the whole weekend
  6. towel
  7. slippers
  8. sensible shoes
  9. lunch for Friday 12th August – all subsequent meals would be provided until Sunday breakfast
  10. snacks if you wish
  11. torch/headtorch/lantern – for walking to the toilet at night and for night hikes!
  12. power bank
  13. toiletries
  14. water bottle to keep you well hydrated throughout the weekend
  15. plate, bowl, cutlery, cup
  16. picnic blanket
  17. extra carrier bags