Oxford Community Action

Now our social media volunteer is back, we can finally fill you in on everything we’ve been up to, one thing at a time. Boy, we’re excited. Well, let’s start with food! OCA Kitchen has been doing some phenomenal work.
We have kept…
✅ bringing delicious food to our communities,
✅ raising thousands of pounds for our OCA programs,
✅ empowering and training community members.
The last few weeks alone we’ve dished up some delightful Palestinian, Ghanaian, Pan-African, Malaysian, and Pakistani food. Below you can find pictures of some of our chefs and their creations.
Come join us as we continue our culinary journey across the world. Every Thursday and Friday, 5.00-7.30 pm at Flo’s – The Place in the Park, £8 per dish. All profits go back into our community projects.
OCA Kitchen: Feed others, while feeding yourself.