Oxford Community Action

We’re thankful for … Angie 👏🏿👏🏽👏
Angie has been one of our longest serving volunteers. She’s super reliable and is here week in, week out, always on time and ready to help. Angie keeps things ticking on our Wednesday shifts and makes sure we have enough parcels for all the people we support. We appreciate you, Angie!
‘I’m married to a chef. Lockdown hit the hospitality industry very hard and many chefs lost their jobs, including some friends of ours. I started looking online for ways to help them and get them free ingredients. I had plenty of time for that because Ryman’s was shut until July.
In May, I came to OCA for the first time to ask if I can get a food parcel. We arrived at 2 pm, just as all the cars with food to be distributed were arriving. We knew at the moment that they needed help and were happy to give them a hand to unload the cars. I asked if they needed any volunteers. Next week I was there at 11 am, ready to roll. I had a mission. Something to do while waiting for life to come back to normal.’