Oxford Community Action

We’re thankful for Omotunde! 👏🏽👏👏🏿
Omo has been a OCA regular since we moved to Ark-T Center in September. Together with her friend Bertha, Omo is our resident DJ (thank you!). With her infectious laughter, singing and dancing, Omo always shows us that community work can be both meaning and joyful. We appreciate you, Omo!
‘I got involved with OCA through my friend Bertha. She brought me an OCA food bag and told me what OCA was about. I got very excited and wanted to help in whatever way I could. I went to a Wednesday session and have loved it ever since.
I want to continue to help and feed the families we support. Their difficulties are not going to end with the Covid-19 vaccine. They will need support for years to come.
A special moment that I will always remember is when I mentioned a friend that just had a baby and needed help. Hassan did not hesitate to offer anything and everything available to assist and that was so priceless! It touched my heart and I am forever grateful.
I love every single thing OCA is about! Wednesday is my happy day because I will be at OCA – a place where we all work together as a family to help other families in our community! That’s my happy place! 😂