Oxford Community Action

For many families in our communities, the cost of living crisis is not new. Faced with a general lack of opportunity, pervasive inequalities, and sometimes outright discrimination, they have struggled for a long time already to pay for their living expenses. Of course, things have only gotten worse. We’re extremely concerned about how they will get by this winter.
We’re trying our hardest to make sure that as few families as possible will have to choose between heating and food this winter. We’re already seeing more families approach us for help. This number will only go up.
We’ve started to include flyers from our parters at the Agnes Smith Advice Centre and Oxford City Council in each of our food bags. We hope that this will help many families find further help. They need it.
National crises are difficult for everyone. They are particularly hard on those whose voices go unheard. We need more solidarity, more mutual aid, more government support.
To all those who are struggling, you are not alone. We are here to help you as much as we can. Come speak to us.