Oxford Community Action

Support from Blackbird Leys Parish Council!

It’s not every day that someone contacts us saying they believe in our direction and wish to support our operations financially, but today was one of those days! Huge thanks […]

We love Ark-T!

In September, we were given a new home when we were welcomed into the Ark-T family. Thank you so much to Emi and all the other wonderful people at Ark-T […]

Thank you Thrive North Oxfordshire

We recently received a generous donation of eight laptops and a tablet for children in our communities. A huge thank you to Nicola and Adrian Hall from Thrive North Oxfordshire […]

We Will Swallow Our Words Back Down

We’re proud to share with you ‘We Will Swallow Our Words Back Down’, a report on the wellbeing views of Oxford’s new and emerging communities we co-produced with Healthwatch Oxfordshire […]

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Oxford Community Action acknowledges the tremendous support we have received this Summer from Azul Corcoran Strong and Leonard Sackey in their roles as Officers with Oxford City Council. We appreciate […]

Our Operations Keep Growing And Growing!

When we started our emergency food distribution service, we didn’t anticipate how quickly our operations would grow. We started off serving just over 40 families in early May. And every […]

Upskilling The Community

After our recent post on “Redefining Charity“, which highlighted the need to view and treat the situation at hand holistically rather than allowing our members to rely solely on handouts, […]

Redefining Charity

When we established Oxford Community Action, we had received a couple comments asking us why there was a need for yet another food distribution service. Although we have been clear […]

Improving the Supply Chain

When donating to a plethora of culturally diverse communities, one must take into account the differing dietary needs, otherwise, we risk rejection and alienation of certain community members if they […]